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1. Copyright:  

Please note that the use of Alhan Irwin's work without authorization is strictly prohibited. You must obtain prior permission or inquire about fees pertaining to useage. Please contact Alhan at alhan.irwin [at] with a full description of the intended use; there are no guarantees proposals will be accepted. Thank you for your respectful consideration.

2. Custom and Freelance Work:

Alhan accepts commissions and professional freelance work on an individual basis, including book covers and book illustrations. Please contact her for details and proposals.

3. How is the artwork created?:

All of the artwork featured on this site are original and digitally created. Many feature  scanned flowers and leaves grown from Alhan's garden in New Hampshire that have been digitized and edited through graphic editing programs like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.  She also digitally hand-draws the illustrations and nine-pointed stars.

4. How is the artwork shipped?

The items for sale are individually packaged in protective sleeves. Each item is carefully wrapped with cardboard to ensure its integrity and protect it from bending and scratches.

5. Shipping Information:

All items are shipped through USPS priority mail within the United States.  United States shipping costs and taxes are determined by PayPal through the checkout process and are based on costs. Orders up to $4 cost $1.50 to ship, $4.01 to $20.00 cost $5.00 to ship, $20.01 to $40 cost $7.50 to ship, $40.01 to $80.00  cost $11.50 to ship and up to $120.00 cost $15.50 (based on USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate costs).  Please allow 7-10 days for shipping. For orders outside of the United States, please contact Alhan for special details and pricing. International orders will not be able to proceed through PayPal.

6. Group Discounts:

Baha'i schools, institutions, and groups are eligible for discounts on bulk orders. Please contact Alhan for special rates

7. Large Orders:

For large orders (over $120) please contact us to arrange payment and shipping costs.


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