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The Art

​Thank you for visiting Brilliant Star Art.  The Baha'i-inspired artwork throughout this site is designed exclusively by Alhan Irwin, a Baha'i artist who resides in New Hampshire. Her designs are composed of digitally hand-drawn illustrations, manipulated photos, and scanned flowers from her garden that were digitized and processed through graphics editing software programs like Illustrator and Photoshop. The works reflect the spiritual realities of nature and humanity and are printed with the highest quality materials.

The Artist

Alhan Irwin is a freelance digital artist, instructor, and published children’s writer and illustrator.  She has won numerous awards for her art at the local and national level.   In addition to illustrating magazines, brochures, CD covers, commercial logos and billboard signs, she has produced internationally acclaimed children’s books, and continues to enhance and colorize microscopic images for global stock agencies.

Her early life began in the Middle East, where she was raised to appreciate diversity and the oneness of humankind.  Greatly influenced by her experiences and beliefs, her artwork consists of styles that portray culture, natural wonders, and the creative potential of the human mind. Her objective is to create art that inspires the hearts of people of all ages and backgrounds.

In The Press

Other Works

Around the World We Pray is a beautifully illustrated children's prayer book designed to promote a daily habit of prayer and communion with God. This work was donated to the Australia Baha'i Publishing Trust to assist the Fund.​

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